ELMONT - Police say someone torched five parked cars Thursday morning in Elmont. Flames from one of them also damaged a sixth car.

Investigators say they have one person in custody who may be responsible for the fires.

According to police, a Steel Street resident saw a man breaking into a red Infinity around 5 a.m. The witness subdued him and held him until police arrived.

Police have identified the suspect as Juan Perez, 37, of Elmont.

"The defendant tried to strike the good Samaritan, a physical confrontation ensued, the individual was kept there by the good Samaritan until police arrived," says Nassau Police Detective Lt. Richard LeBrun.

Police say the first fire was reported at 3:34 a.m.

They say most of the fires happened on Stone Street and Terrence Avenue, all within blocks of each other.

A security camera recorded one of the cars bursting into flames and exploding. Neighbors say the area sounded like a combat zone, but officials say no injuries were reported during the incidents.