GREAT NECK - A 53-year-old Great Neck man was arrested Wednesday morning for allegedly hosting an underage drinking party at his home.

Police say 400 people, mostly underage, were at the party Tuesday night on Old Mill Road hosted by Adam Hutt.

Police say two 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old were found highly intoxicated and were rushed to the hospital from his home.

Hutt was issued an appearance ticket for violating the county's Social Host Law.

Hutt's wife told News 12 Long Island that there was "no one found in my house unconscious."

Hutt's attorney Marc Gann says it was a "planned party that was nowhere near what it turned in to."

Gann says Hutt's intention was to have a low-key party for one of his children, but it got out of control due to exposure on social media. He says no alcohol was served at the party.

News 12 is told that teens from New Jersey and Connecticut attended the party after seeing it publicized online.

Hutt is due back in court next month.