WOODBURY - New details are emerging about the suspect who has been charged with killing a decorated NYPD officer and father of four from West Babylon.Authorities say Lamont Pride, 27, is a career criminal who is wanted in North Carolina for assault with a deadly weapon. Pride was arrested in Brooklyn just last month on felony drug charges, but officials say a judge let him back out on the streets. Certain laws prevented officials from extraditing him to North Carolina.The Brooklyn district attorney's office says it recommended Pride's bail be set at $2,500 for the drug charge, but the judge assigned to Pride's case denied it. Instead, Pride was released on his own recognizance.Legal experts say setting bail is almost completely within the judge's discretion. They say judges have to decide what to do to ensure the suspect will return to court to face the charges, unless the alleged crime indicates the suspect may be dangerous.Pride is the accused shooter among a total of five men who have been charged in connection with a botched Brooklyn robbery. Officer Peter Figoski, of West Babylon, was one of several officers who responded to the incident early Monday morning. Figoski was fatally shot in the face.To see NYPD officials hold a news conference on the shooting death of officer Figoski, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select 'iO Extra.'NYPD: 4 more suspects in custody in death of officer

Veteran NYPD cop from W. Babylon killed by robbery suspect