LLOYD HARBOR - Police say an 87-year-old man performed lewd acts in front of children after luring them to his car using candy.

Galip Gulmez, of Lloyd Harbor, is accused of luring the children to his car and masturbating in front of them. Police say the incident occurred Aug. 10 in the parking lot of West Neck Beach.

Police say the baby sitter of the 4- and 6-year-old children involved caught Gulmez in the act.

"As she stepped between the vehicle and the children, she observed that the man was not wearing his pants and was masturbating within the vehicle," says Suffolk Police Sgt. James Scimone. 

The baby sitter reportedly left the beach without notifying police about what happened.

Suffolk police they were made aware of the incident on Aug. 22, which is when they say Gulmez tried to lure other children with candy at Fiddler's Green. They say residents alerted Lloyd Harbor police, who then contacted county authorities.

Police arrested Gulmez at his home on Monday after a weeklong investigation.

Gulmez is charged with public lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child. He is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in First District Court in Central Islip.