HOLBROOK - Police say seven bikers are being charged with reckless driving after they drove at high speeds and weaved in and out of traffic on the Long Island Expressway for more than 10 miles.

Authorities pulled over the motorcyclists on the LIE near exit 64 in Holbrook. Police say motorists called 911 after they saw the bikers speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. A Suffolk County highway patrol officer was able to follow them as police say they drove recklessly for about 10 exits.

Edward Gianino, 25, of Farmingdale, 28-year-old Emilio Morales, of Brooklyn, 20-year-old Ian Glass, of Farmingdale, 28-year-old Nicholas Belletti, of Great Neck, 20-year-old Oskar Bucki, of Glendale, 20-year-old David Golaszewski, of Glendale, and 33-year-old Victor Dasilva, of Farmingdale, were arrested.

Police say motorists who called 911 were on heightened alert after last month's road rage incident between motorcyclists and the driver of an SUV on the West Side Highway.