AMITYVILLE - Officials say 22 people are facing charges after a major heroin and cocaine ring was busted at a Brentwood home Tuesday.  

Police say they have arrested the alleged ringleaders, Juan Smith, of Valley Steam, and Elvis Castro, of Amityville.

Prosecutors say the group sold heroin and cocaine to as many as 20 dealers across the county.

Suffolk District Attorney Tom Spota says they seized shotguns, an assault rifle, handguns, over $200,000 cash, and 100,000 bags of heroin and cocaine from a home on Washington Avenue. Spota estimates the drug ring netted millions of dollars.

Spota says priority customers who purchased the most heroin and cocaine had their drug deliveries made directly to their homes.

Neighbors in Brentwood told News 12 they would see suspicious activity around the home.

Castro and Smith were arraigned and held on $5 million bail or $10 million bond. Spota says they could face up to 25 years to life in prison, if convicted.