MATINECOCK - Police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide after a man and woman were found dead in van parked on a busy Matinecock road this morning. Old Brookville police say they received a call at around 8 a.m. about a white Toyota van stopped along Oyster Bay Road. The caller reported seeing an aggressive struggle before the van abruptly stopped.Police say they arrived to find two bodies inside: a 50-year-old male and a woman in her mid-40s, both described as Hispanic. The woman had been driving and was slumped over between the seats, police say. A discharged handgun was found in the vehicle. Police say they believe the male passenger shot the woman, then himself. Investigators say they believe they have identified the two people, but they have not yet made the information public.Neighbors in the normally quiet area of Matinecock say they're shocked to hear the news.