ROCKVILLE CENTRE - Two people were arrested Monday in connection with the kidnapping of a woman who police say was beaten and held against her will for five days.

Police say the 20-year-old victim brought her 11-month-old son to the apartment of Yolanda Gilreath, the child's grandmother, on Old Mill Court in Rockville Centre for visitation last Monday.

Police say that when the victim arrived, the child's father, Malachi Blaylock, was there. Police say the victim had an order of protection against Blaylock for an alleged assault in March.

Upon arrival, police say Blaylock, 20, gave the baby to Gilreath and forced the victim into a bedroom.

Over the next five days, police say the woman was beaten with an electrical cord, choked, threatened with a gun and stabbed in the hand with scissors. The victim was so badly hurt that her eyes were swollen shut and she had contusions and lacerations all over her body.

Eventually, police say the victim was able to escape after calling her mother when Blaylock left the home. The baby was unharmed.

The suspect's sister tells News 12 that the victim was not kidnapped, but was at the home on her own will. She also says there was a physical fight between the couple.

Blaylock and Gilreath were arraigned on Tuesday. Blaylock's bail was set at $750,000 and his mother's was set at $150,000.