PINELAWN - Some users of the "Pokemon Go" app that is sweeping across the world have been going to gaming locations that many people feel are inappropriate.

These Pokestops can be found at churches, cemeteries and the 9/11 memorials in both Babylon and lower Manhattan.

There are currently three different Pokestops at the 9/11 memorial on Cedar Beach, despite signage that says the site is for respectful observance.

News 12 Long Island saw a digital creature pop up at the gate to Pinelawn National Cemetery as a funeral was turning in.

Other Pokestops include the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and the Auschwitz Memorial – the site of the former Nazi concentration camp.

A spokesman for the Auschwitz Memorial says the makers of the game have been contacted and asked to not allow the memorial and other sites in the game.

Babylon Town Supervisor Richie Schaffer tells News 12 Long Island that he will also call on Niantic to remove the 9/11 memorial at Cedar Beach as a Pokestop.

Niantic, the games developer, did not respond when asked if it would be willing to remove the sites.