FARMINGDALE - The blistery cold temperature is taking its toll on Long Islanders and their property alike, especially automobiles and home pipes.

News 12 Long Island's Drew Scott was in Amityville at Miracle Plumbing and Heating, where they say they have seen an increase in frozen pipe incidents.

The cold temperatures are freezing and bursting pipes inside ceilings and walls. Experts suggest replacing copper water lines that are more likely to split with newer plastic pipes, which expand and contract better with outside temperature extremes.

As always, experts say homeowners should know where the water main is and avoid using torches or blow dryers to thaw out pipes.

The cold snap is also having a damaging effect on cars.  One veteran auto mechanic from Farmingdale says he's never seen such a demand for repairs than in the last few frigid days.

Experts suggest keeping tires properly inflated and making sure fuel is above quarter-full to avoid freezing. They also say to remove snow from windshield wiper arms and replace batteries that are 5 years old or older.