WESTHAMPTON BEACH - A plan to curb beach erosion in Westhampton Beach is coming up short with critics.   

Residents and experts say the beaches in Westhampton have held their own against erosion due to its 13 rock jetties. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently released a 400-page report that calls for shortening the rock jetties to halt sand erosion and to preserve dunes further east.

Aram Terchunian, a coastal geologist, says while the federal engineering study is designed to protect other beach areas, there is no need to change rock jetties in Westhampton Beach.

"This is a very stable situation," says Terchuniam. "We don't see the need to upset the status quo on these beaches right now."

Terchunian says the Westhampton Beach study was based on decade-old data, and he says beaches are now healthy.

The Army Corps of Engineers says nothing yet is set in stone writing.

In a statement, it said, "The study is and its recommendations are subject to change. The study phase consists of many steps before it can become an authorized project."

The Army Corps of Engineers is currently welcoming public comment on the proposal.