BALDWIN - A plan to shrink Grand Avenue in South Baldwin has divided the community.

The Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, Baldwin Civic Association and Nassau Legislator Laura Curran suggest changing the highway from four lanes into two lanes, with one turning lane in the center.

They say that narrowing the highway will create more parking spaces, allowing people to slow down and shop.

"People speed through as quickly as they can," says Curran. "We want to attract users and we also want to attract businesses and this is a great opportunity to do that."

Local resident Jack McCloy is handing out fliers and started an online petition to stop the project. He says the project will hinder the ability of emergency services to respond to situations.

The $7 million plan has pitted two civic associations in Baldwin against each other. Baldwin Oaks Association doesn't like the idea.

"Just changing the roadway isn't going to bring businesses in. The streets are fine as far as we're concerned," says Jackie Bell.

Baldwin Civic Association is for narrowing, saying "This proposal will make Grand Avenue safer for everyone traveling on the road, as well as help with the economic development in our community,"  

The county's plan is subject to more public input.