NORTHPORT - A plan to rebuild the dunes leading in and out of Asharoken was laid out to residents during a meeting Wednesday night.

The village of Asharoken can only be accessed by way of Asharoken Road. The problem is that the roadway floods any time there is a storm, according to area residents.

That's why the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has come up with a plan to reduce flooding and structural damage and improve safety for both Eaton's Neck and Asharoken residents.

The dunes and other structures the Army Corps is proposing to install are on a private beach in Asharoken. However, the beach will become public since 100 percent of the construction will be funded by the federal government.

Changing the beach's status to public is not sitting well with some Asharoken residents. Plus, the village will have to front $2.5 million for initial construction, in addition to recurring operational and maintenance costs.

Wednesday's meeting was the first public hearing on the project. Anyone with additional queries can submit a comment by mail or email to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers until Jan. 29.