HUNTINGTON - Plans are moving forward for a new $80 million mall in Elwood.

The project is slated for a busy part of Jericho Turnpike.

The proposed 485,000-square-foot mall, known now as Elwood Orchard, would be built on the 49-acre property.

The developer, Villadom Corporation of Great Neck, plans to build retail shops, offices, a fitness center and a supermarket.

Huntington has asked its planning board to deem the property "appropriate for commercial use." That would require the Huntington Zoning board to change the zoning from residential to commercial.

Some residents say the area is already overdeveloped with the Walt Whitman Mall and other stores less than a mile away from the proposed shopping center.

"We do not need another mall in the area," says Eliot Lonardo of South Huntington. "I think Route 100 and Jericho Turnpike is plenty busy's just going to add more congestion to Jericho in this area."

The planning board will hold a public hearing after examining the developer's application.