PLAINVIEW - Sikhs in Plainview filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against the Town of Oyster Bay, saying their civil rights were violated.

The Guru Gobind Singh Sikh Center filed a federal lawsuit against the town alleging that its civil rights were violated when the town board stopped construction on its temple back in February.

As News 12 has reported, a $3 million expansion is planned for the Sikh Center on Old Country Road. The town issued a stop work order on the project after neighbors complained.

"It's a residential neighborhood. We don't have a problem with churches and temples in the neighborhood. It's just the parking and traffic that's going to affect our homes," said Joe Raia, of Plainview.

The Town of Oyster Bay says this is not a matter of religion. It says the main concerns are adequate parking and making sure all environmental reviews are followed. The Town says it is hoping to resolve the matter amicably with the Sikh Center.