PLAINVIEW - A Plainview couple is being locked out of their gated community over an unpaid fee.

The couple, who lives at The Hamlet on Olde Oyster Bay, says they are not allowed to drive their cars inside the community because they have not paid a $751 assessment fee for a new pool house. They said they did not agree with the fee.

"They act like the money can just be spent without my permission," said homeowner Steve Stone.

The couple says the homeowners association is violating the bylaws of the community.

The attorney who represents The Hamlet on Olde Oyster Bay says the association has the right to deny access to homes by car if any fees are not paid. The attorney says using a car on the premises is a privilege and the family can walk to their house.  

Stone says he's not sure how the problem will be resolved, but that the inconvenience might force him to pay up.

The Hamlet's attorney says the homeowners association might enforce more drastic measures if the Stones don't pay the assessment fee soon.