WOODBURY - The stabbing at a high school in a suburb of Pittsburgh Wednesday has reopened the conversation about school security on Long Island.

Authorities say a 16-year-old student stabbed 22 people before he was tackled by an assistant principal. At least five were critically injured during the incident.

One Long Island school district has stepped up its security with an advanced system. Plainedge School District has one of the most advanced school security systems in the state, and will soon be enhanced with an automated one button lockdown system.

The one button lockdown system contacts the police with information, such as the location that the lockdown was initiated from. It secures perimeter doors and disables card access. It also flashes strobe lights outside the school and alerts parents and students off-campus via email or text about a lockdown situation.

All of the components happen within seconds.

Plainedge is the first school district in New York to have a one button lockdown system. It costs $10,000 per school building. It was paid for with Homeland Security grants and state aid.