EAST MEADOW - Doctors at Nassau University Medical Center say the woman who was mauled by two pit bulls last week stood up Thursday for the first time since the attack, and yesterday, she described the horrifying attack. Dr. Louis Riina says Shashi Bala Sharma, 62, told him how she saw the two dogs run toward her last Thursday and lunge at her arms while she was walking around a track in North Merrick. For between five and 11 minutes, Riina says the animals chewed at Sharma's legs and arms. He says the woman even managed to call 911 before one of the animals knocked the phone out of her hand."She knew what the animals were doing to her body and she recognized that her only avenue for escape was to call for help and to get to that phone," Riina says. Three days ago, Sharma was taken out of a chemically induced coma. She has undergone three operations, but Riina says the 62-year-old is extremely strong. Police shot one of the dogs to death shortly after the attack, but they are not sure if they killed the second pit bull, leaving many people in North Merrick on edge.

Sharma is expected to be released from the hospital in two-three weeks, but she will need physical therapy. Doctors say she may not regain the full range of motion in her arms.