GLEN COVE - A prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice known for pursuing Nazis living in hiding on Long Island today shared rare photos and transcripts from one of his most famous trials.

He's been called "The Hunter," but Eli Rosenbaum, of Westbury, doesn't like that nickname, saying that it makes his law enforcement mission "sound like the stuff of movies."

Rosenbaum and his team of special prosecutors won 107 cases against people who participated in Nazi crimes. He says it surprised even him that some of those war criminals ended up on Long Island, which has a large Jewish population.

One of Rosenbaum's biggest cases was against Boleslavs Maikovskis, a Nazi collaborator in Latvia who ordered the arrest of hundreds of Jews, who were then executed. After the war, Maikovskis secretly settled in Mineola. Rosenbaum got him deported and put on trial in Germany in the late 1980s.

Aside from his successes, Rosenbaum says there have been some suspected Nazis that got away for lack of evidence.

Rosenbaum and his team currently have six open cases dealing with alleged Nazi crimes.