WEST HEMPSTEAD - A West Hempstead man returned home from Florida to find his home had been demolished.

Phillip Williams had been gone for several months after undergoing knee surgery in December. He returned home in August and found everything destroyed, including his driveway. He had lived in the home for 69 years.

Williams, a veteran, says his mortgage, tax and utility bills had all been paid, but the town came in anyway and demolished his house without notifying him.

The town of Hempstead says the structure of the home posed a danger to the public. Williams says it was only a couple of holes in the siding.

The town also says it followed proper notification procedures and sent documents to Williams. Williams says he never pays attention to his mail and does all his billing electronically. He also admits he never forwarded his mail while in Florida.

Williams is filing a lawsuit against the town of Hempstead, saying the town was negligent. He's demanding to be compensated for the value of the home and his possessions.