SEAFORD - A petition is circulating in Seaford to get rid of an eyesore home.

Residents say that they are sick and tired of looking at an abandoned home, located at 3766 Joy CT.

"Every time we turn down this block to go to our house, we see this house, and over the years, it gets worse and worse.  It looks like there are raccoons living in it, there's graffiti on it, it's all boarded up and it really just doesn't fit in the neighborhood right now. It's something that my wife, myself and other people in the town have been concerned about. We've talked to the Town of Hempstead and made complaints about it," says resident Peder Terjesen.

The Town of Hempstead says it will be assessing the home sometime this month, and it will determine whether the home meets the criteria to be torn down.