MIDDLE ISLAND - First responders say unrepaired potholes in Middle Island are putting lives at risk.

Firefighters and ambulance drivers say their main thoroughfare of Route 25 is in rough shape. Capt. Mike Neid described the roadway as “worse than a third-world country.”

Neid says patients being attended to by responders in the back of emergency service vehicles have to deal with bumps and dips in the road.

Firefighters say they have had to alter their route to the hospital because Route 25 is so bumpy that it can inflict pain to the patient, and sometimes force drivers to swerve to avoid potholes, putting more lives in danger.

Gail Lynch-Bailey, president of the Middle Island Civic Association, says the DOT has taken the “Band-Aid” approach.

“I cannot recall the last time there was a substantial repaving,” she told News 12. “All we're getting is mini-patch after mini-patch."

The state Department of Transportation told News 12 that a more long-term solution is being considered for Route 25.  

Anyone that would like to report a pothole can call 1-800-POTHOLE.