ROCKY POINT - Drought conditions that continue to parch Long Island are raising concerns about possible brush fires.

Parts of the Island are under a moderate drought, while other areas are dealing with severe drought conditions.

A small brush fire broke out along a trail in Rocky Point this week, and crews battled it for four hours. It rekindled the next day. The Rocky Point fire chief is hoping that the fire was not just the tip of the iceberg as dry conditions persist.

News 12 Long Island meteorologist Bruce Avery says it's a problem that won't be solved by spotty downpours -- it calls for a soaking rainfall that lasts two or three days.

In the meantime, Long Island's fire departments are gearing up for possible brush fires. They are also warning people to take precautions like making sure campsite fires are tended, and telling smokers not to discard lit cigarettes out the window.

Next week marks the 21st anniversary of Long Island's infamous wildfires.