WOODBURY - The PBA board has voted and agreed on a new contract with the Nassau Police Department.

News 12 Long Island is told the contract would still have to be ratified by rank and file union members, as well as approved by both the Nassau Legislature and NIFA.

The process could take about 30 days.

The contract would end the current wage freeze and include new salary structures for new hires. New hires will now earn top pay after eight-and-a -half years of service, more than the current seven years.

They'll also have to contribute 15 percent toward health insurance costs, and contribute on a sliding scale toward their pensions. However, they will still receive the 50 percent of their earnings per year upon retirement, and none of those concessions will affect current PBA members.

Democratic Legislature Wayne Wink says he has concerns about the timing of all of this, and is eager to see the details of the proposal. Nassau County residents have mixed reactions to the proposal.