PORT JEFFERSON STATION - Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are finding solace in the companionship of four-legged pals.

U.S. Army veteran James Mowdy, of North Carolina, says he’s been suffering from PTSD since he returned from Iraq. He says he doesn’t trust people and often times doesn’t want to leave his house.

That all changed six months ago, when Mowdy decided to confront his condition head-on by contacting Guardians of Rescue about their Paws of War program.

Dori Schofield, vice president of the program, says the organization rescues dogs, trains them and then matches them with servicemen and women in need. Mowdy was matched with a Cane Corso Italian Mastiff named Grazi.

The plan is for Grazi to be his sidekick, confidence, protector and friend., “She'll give me the love that I want and I'll give her the love that she needs and we'll be buds,” Mowdy says. It’s something he says he hasn’t had in quite a long time.