WOODBURY - An arrest has been made in a deadly home invasion that happened in Eastport last month.

Paul Batterson, 22, of East Moriches, has been charged in the murder of Francisco Pirir, a Guatemalan immigrant who worked as a landscaper.

Police say Batterson and another man wore masks when they broke into a home on East Moriches Boulevard, demanded cash and then shot two people who were inside. Pirir was killed and another man, Pirir's uncle, was injured.

In court today, prosecutors said the shotgun allegedly used in the crime was discovered at Batterson's home, along with other evidence allegedly linked to the murder scene.

Batterson has been charged with second-degree murder and was remanded without bail today. His father appeared in court and declined to comment.

Batterson's attorney also refused to comment, and he pushed and attempted to cover up a News 12 camera with a notepad he was holding.

Another man, Shane Moore, was arraigned in court today on charges not related to the Eastport case. He says he was sitting in a holding cell with Batterson and says Batterson told him he was being framed. "He had admitted being at the crime itself, but then he said he didn't do it," Moore told News 12.

Pirir's family was also in court today, and they said they don't know why his home was targeted. They say they just want justice to be served.

Batterson faces life in prison if convicted. He's due back in court on Jan. 24.