HOLBROOK - A Suffolk woman is fighting to get her dog back home after it escaped from her yard.

Patty Armine, of Holbrook, says her 16-year-old pug, Bubba, slipped out of the back gate of her home last week while she and her family were at the beach. She says they searched all over the neighborhood with no luck.

Armine says a friend told her that a good Samaritan had found Bubba just a few blocks away from his home. He didn't have a collar on, so he turned the dog over to a rescue organization.

Drea Peter, the president of Curly Tail Pug Rescue, says one of her volunteers did take in an older pug that she says was found in the street near Armine's home, but has refused to turn him over or say where he is. She says the pug was emaciated, dehydrated and potentially abandoned. She also says there is no evidence that Armine is the dog’s owner.

Amire says she's sent the organization Bubba's registration certificate and pictures several times with no response. She has completely denied any allegations of animal abuse.

SPCA officials say they are investigating and confirm they arrested one of Curly Tails volunteers Monday. They would not say what the charge was, only that it had to with the “intake of Bubba.”

Peter told News 12 she plans to take legal action “against all parties involved,” claiming the SPCA isn't following protocol in this case. She also says that Bubba has been turned over to another organization that she will not name.

Armine says she just wants to get her dog back home.