WOODBURY - Patients say that the rising cost of EpiPens, a life-saving injectable device for people with allergies, may cause unwanted risk for some.

They say that that the skyrocketing cost of the device over the last few years is making them cut back on the number of EpiPens they can purchase.

Doctors say this can be a dangerous practice.

“It is very serious, and we strongly tell parents to cut back on something else but don't cut back on a life-saving device,” says Dr. Atul Shah.

Donna Laudisio, of Nesconset, has two children who have severe food allergies. She says she pays thousands of dollars each year for multiple EpiPens in case of emergency. She has seen the price of the device as well as her co-pays go up each year from $10 a few years ago to $40 today.

EpiPen's maker, Mylan Pharmaceutical, tells news 12 Long Island that costs have risen to reflect product improvements.

"(We) are committed to working with customers and payors to find solutions to meet the needs of the patients and families we serve."

Mylan Pharmaceuticals says it does offer a program that helps some patients with discounts to help defer costs of the EpiPen.