WOODBURY - A LIRR passenger says they captured video of a train rider who was allegedly drinking beer and reading a newspaper while lounging in an engineer’s cab over the weekend. 

A video sent in by a person who was riding the 7:08 p.m. train to Babylon appears to show the man drinking the beer and reading the newspaper inside the cab, which is off-limits to passengers.

A railroad worker says controls for the brakes and doors are located in the cab, but the railroad says that a passenger would not have been able to to use them. 

The LIRR says that leaving the control cab unlocked was "improper." LIRR officials are investigating the matter.

Peter Haynes, from LIRR Commuters Campaign, says the scene is especially disturbing because the conductor sees the man and doesn't ask him to move out of the secure area.

“It makes you wonder about the other safety precautions and whether or not they were followed,” he says.