OCEANSIDE - The parents of a Nassau County Jail inmate say prison guards are to blame for their son’s death after they refused to help him with his medical condition.

John Gleeson Jr., of Oceanside, was arrested last year for allegedly forging a prescription for oxycodone. He was jailed again in May after a burglary charge.

Gleeson's parents say their son suffered from a medical condition that causes swelling under the skin and is life-threatening if not treated.

The Gleesons' attorney says John Gleeson Jr. complained to guards about swelling in his hands after the first days he was imprisoned. On the afternoon of July 14, he complained again. The attorney says his investigation shows that guards took Gleeson to the infirmary and gave him some sort of medicine and returned him to his cell.

Gleeson's father says his neck was twice its normal size that evening. By 11 p.m.,
John Gleeson Jr. was dead.

The attorney for the family says they plan to file a wrongful death suit in the near future.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Department released a statement saying, “The death of Mr. Gleeson is under investigation by numerous agencies... The Sheriff's Department is cooperating and assisting with these investigations. The investigations are on-going at this time.”

When asked why he didn’t bail his son out of jail, John Gleeson Sr. told The Daily News and New York Post that he wanted to show him a bit of “tough love.”