CORAM - A rally was held Thursday in Coram against the controversial Common Core curriculum.

Organizers say their goal is to put parents and teachers back in control of what students are taught in school.

Andrew Suderov's seventh-grade son has opted out of two standardized tests. He says that he is frustrated by the amount of homework his son has.

"The kids come home, they don't understand the work," Suderov says. "The parents can't help them with it because they don't understand it."

Teachers in Coram say that while they support opting out of the state tests, it can hurt them in the long run. They say they do not think it is fair that they are evaluated on test scores.

"We're being evaluated on students who have been in the country a year and don't speak English," says Longwood teacher Christine Acevedo. "Their test scores count against us. Students who are not reading at grade level still have to take the assessments."

The Coram rally was one of 11 organized parent-teacher protests held across Long Island on Thursday.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently said that he still supports the goals of Common Core, but it is in need of a comprehensive review. He has authorized a commission to find a way to make effective changes.