HAUPPAUGE - Administrators, teachers and parents rallied Thursday against the state's Common Core curriculum.

Some say the event, which was held in Hauppauge, was a pro-Zephyr Teachout rally as much as it was an anti-Gov. Andrew Cuomo protest.

Teachout is Cuomo's Democratic primary challenger, and she has tried to cut away at the governor's large lead in the polls by hammering away at his education policy.

Joann Lynch, of Kings Park, says the last two years of school have been difficult on her 10-year-old daughter Kaitlyn.  She blames Cuomo and the Common Core curriculum.

"These tests are making kids feel stupid," she says. "They're not leading to learning and they're not working."

Despite the excitement, Teachout is still considered a longshot in her matchup against the incumbent governor. 

Southside High School principal Carol Burris says she's hoping for an upset.  Even if Teachout doesn't pull it off, she believes many educators will refuse to vote for Cuomo in the general election, even if they are lifelong Democrats.