JERICHO - Parents, students and faculty of the Jericho Middle School walked on their school's track today in an event to bring attention to bullying.

Principal Don Gately says this event is a kickoff to a year of bullying prevention efforts.

"This gets kids excited about it, at the same time as we teach them the bullying rules and strategies that they can use to be positive bystanders," says Gately.

Some students have walked as much as 15 miles. They say they are excited about the event and understand that it's more than just an activity.

Bullying prevention expert Roni Benson says there are signs that tell if a child is being bullied.

"It's a complete change of behavior," said Benson. "They start either associating with different friends or no friends. Some of them don't come to school."

Benson says anti-bullying programs and tough consequences for the bullies are keys to combatting the problem.