PORT JEFFERSON STATION - A photo-sharing website that contains pictures of nude high school girls is upsetting families across Long Island.

Cliff Pfleiger, of Port Jefferson Station, says he was horrified when his ex-wife told him his teenage daughter's picture was among those posted without permission on the site.

"There were a lot of local girls that are on this site in compromising positions," said Pfleiger.

He says his daughter was wearing a bikini in her picture that was most likely stolen from Facebook or Instagram. He was able to have the picture removed by emailing the site administrator.

The site acts as a national catalog with links to schools in each state. Some of those schools are on Long Island.

Laura Ahearn, of Parents of Megan's Law, says trading these photos is a crime for all those involved.

"When they're taking images of themselves - that constitutes child porn. When they transmit that photo, that's crime. It's a felony," said Aheam.

Suffolk police told News 12 that the site is run overseas by people who were also involved in the theft and posting of naked pictures of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. They say the pictures are considered child porn since the girls are underage.

Several school districts whose students are on the site have notified police.

Suffolk's Computer Crimes Unit has already been working with federal authorities to catch those contributing to the site.