PLAINVIEW - Dozens of working parents say they're afraid to bring their children to a Plainview day care. Sarah Bogaty's 4-year-old child attends Shalom Day Care in Plainview. She says parents found out three weeks ago that the building's roof would be worked on, and part of the work includes asbestos removal. She says the kids remained in the building, although there were people in hazmat suits working on-site. Fellow parent Sara Mendelsohn is also concerned about the workers who she claims have not been given criminal background checks.The day care property is owned by the Plainview Old-Bethpage school district, and the moms want to know why the school can't postpone the work so that they can get answers to their questions or find a new place for their kids to go. School officials say they're not waiting to perform the roof work until this summer because they say they have more kids during the summer months who would be affected by it. "The construction was scheduled to avoid coinciding with summer programs that often include outdoor activities," a school official said. "If the building was expected to be unoccupied at any time, the district would have scheduled construction to coincide. The safety and well-being of all children within our buildings is our utmost priority."