MOUNT SINAI - A school board meeting Wednesday night may have put parents in Mount Sinai one step closer to getting full-day kindergarten for their children.

Mount Sinai is one of just six Long Island school districts without full-day kindergarten, which has been on the table for more than a year in the school district.

"Our kids need that extra time to learn," a proponent of the plan said at the meeting.

Parent Tania Snider agreed. "I think it's very important that these kids are learning the core curriculum in kindergarten," she said. "I think it's something that requires a full day."

The Mount Sinai School Board discussed its complete budget, which includes full-day kindergarten, as well as budgetary needs for the first through 12th grades. The proposed budget calls for a 2.28 percent school tax increase, just slightly more than Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 2 percent cap.

School Board President Robert Sweeney said there are several empty classrooms that could accommodate full-day kindergarten since the first time the idea was proposed. Officials have told the school board that there is room for about 100 to 120 students. Using that estimate, the school board is trying to determine which resources it will need to make full-day kindergarten a reality.

"I say, be patient," said Sweeney. "The board is very supportive of this issue. We want to look at the full kindergarten through 12th grade budget."

The final budget hearing and budget vote is in May. If full-day kindergarten is approved, it will start in the coming school year.