MEDFORD - Parents were shocked and outraged after pictures of an adult pajama party, held at a Suffolk County children’s facility Saturday night, were leaked via Instagram.

An invitation posted online invited adults to Krazy Kidz in Medford for an all-night party. The leaked photos showed young women wearing next to nothing, and what appears to be a naked man. 

“Good, clean, wholesome fun. No orgy,” said the invitation. “No smut, strippers or sexually lewd content.”

The invitation goes on to say that there would be tasteful nudity and absolutely no cameras.

Sal Farruggello, of Holbrook, learned of the adult party Sunday morning. He says he arrived at the facility for his daughter's 6th birthday party.  He said the floors and the games were soaking wet.

"They told us the whole place was wet because they were cleaning,” said Farruggello. “Because they had a fire alarm go off the night before."

The facility has a bounce house, Skee-Ball and advertises Mommy and Me classes.

Krazy Kidz posted two comments on their Facebook page Tuesday stating, "The staff continues to apologize for the obvious lack of judgment that has resulted in everyone's concerns and comments.  To further restore the public's trust, we are closed today for additional cleaning and sanitizing."