BAY SHORE - A Bay Shore couple says their school district will only allow one of their twin sons to go to full-day pre-K this upcoming school year.

The parents of Lucas and Logan Steffenson say they are not upset about the boys being split up; they are upset that one of their sons will be getting a higher quality education than the other.

The Brentwood district uses a lottery system to assign preschool classes. Only Lucas was accepted into the full-day pre-K at Shepherd's Gate, while Logan must go to Brentwood's Southwest Elementary School's morning program. The Shepherd's Gate program includes Spanish, music and arts.

"I think it's going to affect them drastically," says the boys' mother, Nicole Steffenson. "I'm not asking them to be in the same class. I'm asking that they'd be in the same program."

Brentwood Schools Superintendent Dr. Levi McIntyre defended the school's lottery system in a telephone call to News 12, saying that every child has an equal chance of being selected for the full-day preschool. He says Logan is number 15 on a waiting list for the full-day program.

The superintendent added that all students in the district are guaranteed half-day kindergarten, but there are only 216 openings for full-day kindergarten.