OYSTER BAY - The parents of Victoria Gaines, 7, who was among three children killed in the July 4th boat capsizing accident, are urging action to prevent further tragedies.

Paul and Lisa Gaines, of Huntington, were at a New York Senate committee hearing in Oyster Bay this afternoon.

The parents sat side-by-side and their attorney spoke for them, calling for initiatives to enact capacity limits on all vessels. The Gaines' also want mandatory safety training courses for boaters. Their daughter was one of three children killed when the 34-foot vessel named Kandi Won capsized following a fireworks display in Cold Spring Harbor. A total of 17 adults and 10 children were aboard the vessel.

Preliminary reports show the boat appears to have been mechanically and structurally sound the night it capsized, according to Newsday.

Newsday also reports that there were enough life jackets for all 27 people onboard on the boat.

AP wires contributed to this report.