WESTBURY - Parents met with Westbury school officials last night to sound off about the district's bus policy.

Dozens of outraged parents packed into a Westbury school board meeting upset their children no longer get bused to school. They say their kids are now forced to walk in unsafe conditions.

Fewer children are being bussed to school and more are now considered walkers after a district wide reconfiguration, officials say.

The Park Avenue School, which only had first and second-graders, has now expanded to grades 1 through 5 and some of the older children no longer qualify for buses under district policy.

The reconfiguration is also causing long waits for parents picking kids up from school. In addition, parents say people picking up children are not properly ID'd and kids are being released to anyone.

The school district first told News 12 that the new policy has been going smoothly, but now they're saying they will consider making some changes.