HEMPSTEAD - Hempstead school officials held a public meeting Monday with parents to discuss the future of the troubled district. 

The meeting was about the district being under a receivership, giving the superintendent power to make changes at the middle and high school without board approval. Some parents said they were not given any details on the changes.

According to trustee Maribel Toure, some plans announced by the superintendent at the meeting included mandating school uniforms and keeping kids in class for 90 minutes instead of 45. But Toure said more needs to be done. She said teachers need to be better trained and there needs to be more transparency. 

News 12 Long Island's reporter and camera crews were given a hard time by security to gain access to the meeting. In the end, News 12's reporter was allowed into the meeting but not the camera crew. 

Some parents said the superintendent shut out their voices too. "When you don't let the community ask questions, when you limit their involvement it's not really following the process," said one parent.