WOODBURY - Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken to the airwaves to push his reforms on the controversial Common Core curriculum.

"While the state's new Common Core curriculum is moving in the right direction, testing on it is premature," says Cuomo in the ad. "It causes anxiety, and it's just unfair. I won't let our children's scores be counted against them."

Many parents and educators say they are outraged about the new TV ad, and that the governor's words contradict his actions.

Critics point out the governor has been an advocate for Common Core, and question whether his recent statements are politically motivated by the backlash against the testing. They believe the governor has no plans to try to stop the testing, and want more details about not letting test scores be counted against students. 

Press Secretary Matt Wing said, “The governor has long said that the implementation of Common Core was flawed. He believes that using these test score against students was premature while the panel he appointed works on reforms. This approach will ensure that our children aren't penalized, while the advances we've made in teacher accountability remain in place."