BRENTWOOD - The parents of a special-needs student in the Brentwood Union Free School District are calling for a criminal investigation after they say their son was assaulted by a teacher.

The Cortez family says their ninth-grade son, Christian, was assaulted by the teacher at the Freshmen Center school after walking the wrong way in a one-way hallway back in October.

"The teacher grabbed the kid by the collar, threw him up against the locker, held him against the locker, until he was able to put him into a full nelson, a headlock," says Kenneth Mollins, the family‚Äôs attorney.

The family claims Christian, who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, was then brought outside and handcuffed by security officers.

Christian's parents say they asked to see the school's surveillance video that would show exactly what happened, but that the district is refusing to release it.

In a statement, the Brentwood Union Free School District says it is aware of an incident involving physical contact between a student and teacher. It will not confirm if the teacher is still working at the school, due to confidentiality issues.