DEER PARK - Some parents in Deer Park rallied tonight against what they call a racially charged sale of a school district building.

George Washington Elementary School in Deer Park has not been a functioning school for 25 years, but local residents say it's still a bustling center for kids. There are day care programs and after-school activities housed at the building.

In May, Attorney J. Stewart Moore says Deer Park voters elected to sell the building to a developer. The district was looking for a way to cut costs due to declining enrollment numbers. Moore believes the vote may have been skewed.

In a petition to the state Department of Education commissioner, Moore and others allege the district engaged in voter intimidation and fraud to ensure it could move forward with plans to sell the school. He also accuses the district of using outdated and inaccurate voting machines.

Moore says he's hoping to slow down the process. The district is already reportedly negotiating with a major developer about building senior housing on the property.

Despite the rally, the Deer Park superintendent of schools tells News 12 that the district is moving forward with the process for the sale of the Washington building.