WOODBURY - Palcohol, a potentially new powdered alcohol product, has been causing a lot of buzz and controversy.

The product, which turns water into vodka and rum, is still going through the federal approval process, after U.S. regulators initially approved it, and then retracted its approval.

The makers of Palcohol say there's a discrepancy on how much powder is in each bag. The company says it will redo and then resubmit the new labels for federal approval.

Wendy Tepfler, director of the Community Parent Center, says Palcohol is especially dangerous because it can be smuggled into parties and school events. She says underage drinkers may put more of the powder into drinks than is recommended.

“They are getting a drink that is far more lethal, far more potent and [they] are in danger of serious health risks,” Tepler told News 12.

Palcohol founder Mark Phillips said in a statement, “Our concern is to promote the responsible and legal use of the product.”

Long Island substance abuse educators say they will ask local congressional leaders to try to ban the sale of Palcohol if the labels get federal approval.