WOODBURY - ? Pakistani officials say they will investigate how Osama bin Laden hid for years in their country. President Obama says it is clear the al-Qaida leader had a ?support network? in Pakistan but stopped short of blaming the government. Today, Pakistan?s prime minister says the army will look into how bin Laden got away with living in a compound in the military town of Abbottabad. The prime minister denies charges that Pakistani investigators helped bin Laden hide until he was killed eight days ago. Meanwhile, new videos of bin Laden show him as vain and controlling. The video shows bin Laden wrapped in a blanket watching himself on TV and changing channels whenever President Obama appeared. Another video shows the terror leader with his grey beard neatly dyed and trimmed while filming a terror threat. U.S. officials are hoping to stop bin Laden?s followers from regarding him as a martyr. A week after bin Laden?s death, a new video game called ?Kuma Games? re-creates the inside of bin Laden?s compound. Players arrive in Blackhawk helicopters, kill the terror leader and then gather up evidence in the compound.

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