OYSTER BAY - When 77-year-old widower John DeFabio heard he'd have to shell out money from his fixed income to pay for sidewalk repairs, he was not pleased, but the town is now curbing the plan. It all began when DeFabio called the Town of Oyster Bay to have a storm-damaged tree removed from near his curb. After the town came to look at the tree, it told him he'd have to pay for repairs to a damaged strip of sidewalk, he says.DeFabio says the cost would have been more than $1,000, money he says he just doesn't have.The town's highway department commissioner says any sidewalk sticking up more than a quarter inch is a tripping hazard and must be repaired. After talking to News 12 Long Island, the commissioner says the town supervisor has agreed that the situation constitutes an extenuating circumstance. He says the town will cover the cost of the tree removal and sidewalk-slab repair.