BALDWIN - A Baldwin business owner spoke with News 12 Long Island about how she had to fight Donald Trump over the name of her travel business.

Claudia Rabin-Manning bought Trump Travel in 1989. Shortly after, she was slapped with a lawsuit by the presumptive Republican presidential candidate for using his last name.

She says the family-operated travel agency had already been named Trump Travel when she bought it - the name referring to a term used when playing cards.

The lawsuit was eventually settled and wound up costing Manning thousands in legal fees. The judge ruled that Manning had to use a disclaimer saying her business was not in any way related to Donald Trump. That wound up including her stationary, emails and even the sign outside the building.

Manning says her agency's name did bring attention to her business, but just not in a positive way.

Trump's attorneys made a second attempt to sue the travel agency for a similar reason in the 1990s, but that attempt was also unsuccessful.