STONY BROOK - Stony Brook residents say their streets haven't been repaved in nearly a decade, putting drivers and children at risk.

Louise Little, who lives on Orbit Road, says she has been begging Brookhaven Town to repave the streets around her home.

"They've been telling us you've been put on the priority list, you'll be next in line, and it's seven years later," Little tells News 12 Long Island.

Other neighbors say potholes make riding bikes or walking down the streets dangerous.

Brookhaven Highway Chief Dan Losquadro says budget restrictions are allowing him to perform 15 percent of the repaving projects that need to be done.

He says repaving of the Stony Brook streets could be underway early next year, thanks to a new grant from Albany.

"We're going to be making a $2.5 million investment next year in a very small geographic area, but in an area that is very important," says Losquadro.

The improvements promised by Losquadro include pedestrian safety upgrades, sidewalks installed on Stony Brook Road and the repaving of all of the streets covered with potholes.