WADING RIVER - Homeowners in the quiet community of Wading River are pushing back against a plan for a new shopping center.

A developer has submitted plans to the Town of Riverhead to build a campus-style shopping center in an empty lot on Route 25A. The plans call for three 10,000-square-foot buildings, a bank and three restaurants.

But homeowners say they are concerned about traffic, property values and the threat to their small-town feel. Residents adjacent to the site say they’re already dealing with flooding problems that they fear could be worsened.

"The community really doesn't need this," says Sid Bail, president of the Wading River Civic Association. "We're trying to keep this small-town feeling."

The developers and their lawyer were not available to talk on camera, but told News 12 that they are in compliance with zoning laws. They say they are working to address traffic concerns, and added that the proposed shopping center would not cause more flooding.

The Riverhead Planning Board will meet to discuss the propsal on Jan. 7.